Our History

In 2011, SERAFHIM NIGERIA LIMITED was incorporated in the Federal Republic of Nigeria as an indigenous, private, limited liability company, which undertakes engineering, procurement and support services (manpower and logistics).
Since its inception, SERAFHIM has performed numerous projects and contracts of varying complexity and magnitude for many of her clients in Nigeria.
At SERAFHIM, we serve to ensure plant and project up-time without compromising quality, safety, environmental friendliness and sustainability, and genuine public interest. These virtues are the foundation for our company’s growth and development.

Why do people love us?

To meet the schedule and technical know-how required by our many-sided engineering activities, SERAFHIM maintains a qualitative and productive workforce comprising of engineers, specialist professionals, managers, technologists, scientists, technicians and consultants. In size, our invaluable workforce is not only proportionate to the limits of our engineering involvement, but also reflects varied permanent and ad-hoc commitment ratios as may be required from time to time.
To effectively solve the engineering, and maintenance problems of our various clients, different aspects of our requisite workforce are in most cases assigned to specific areas, in which they have deep expertise. They however share their experience in order to guarantee that the most effective solutions are found.
The resources of SERAFHIM coupled with the flexibility of its technical and management personnel enable our upwardly moving company, to manage projects of various sizes and types, from single maintenance services to turnkey engineering projects.